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Publications / 21.12.2018

Under the reign of data. Big brother is not just watching us, but is making good money out of us / Delovoy Peterburg

With each passing year, we obtain increasingly more evidence that corporations are watching every step we make. Big brother is not just watching us but is making good money out of us. Telecom companies possess information about practically everyone living in the country, from passport details and to information regarding a person’s movements. With the ‘Yarovaya package’ coming into force, telecom companies are also obliged to store the entire traffic. Mobile operators’ revenues from selling big data are growing every year.

IT specialists agree that the current legal regulation of big data in Russia is less than ideal. Aleksei Gribanov, Associate in the Intellectual Property and TMT Practice at Borenius Russia, has shared his views with the editorial staff of business newspaper Delovoy Peterburg with respect to how the integrity of personal data can be protected.

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