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Events, News / 27.12.2018

Protection of foreign assets and extradition of Russian businessmen in the event of a criminal prosecution in Russia

On 19 December 2018, Kommersant St Petersburg held an event dedicated to the issues of the extradition of Russian businessmen and protection of their assets in the event of a criminal prosecution.

The business breakfast was organized with the involvement of prominent Russian law firms Duvernoix Legal and Borenius, which specialize in, among other things, white-collar crime and crisis management.

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner of Borenius Russia, and Egor Noskov, Managing Partner of Duvernoix Legal, held a discussion and answered questions from the audience about the extradition of businessmen from abroad, as well as possible tactics and tools for protecting foreign assets. Andrey Ershov, Editor-in-Chief of the Kommersant publishing house in St Petersburg, moderated the discussion.

To view video and photo materials from the event, please follow this link

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