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Publications / 29.12.2018

Pravo.ru: new legislative developments – which ones are coming into effect in January?

In the succession of New Year holidays, one should not forget about new legislation. The most significant January changes are coming into effect on the first day of 2019. For instance, court-appointed lawyers will be paid higher fees; booking offices will start offering non-refundable tickets for long-distance trains; and those owning country houses, known in Russian as ‘dachas’, will be able to build and register a house on a garden plot.

The current legal overview by Pravo.ru covers 11 legislative developments, and some of the reports were prepared by our colleagues, Natalia Kashina and Irina Dudareva, Associates from our Transactions & Corporate Law Practice. In particular, you will learn from the overview that the Bank of Russia has introduced a new system of express payments and that manufacturers and sellers have new obligations in terms of submitting information about manufacturers and authorized dealers.

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