News / 11.02.2019

GDPR: what has changed in the gaming industry / Webinar

On 31 January, Devtodev held a webinar about GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and how it has changed the industry.

During the webinar, the following issues were considered: (i) how GDPR is applied to gaming development, (ii) to whom GDPR applies, how it works and what actions developers should undertake to comply with personal data protection laws, and (iii) what the consequences are of breaching the provisions of such laws.

The webinar consisted of a Q&A session and brief advice with leading experts in the gaming industry from Gamedev and Xsolla. Aleksei Gribanov, Head of the Intellectual Property and TMT Practice at Borenius Russia, participated in the webinar as an expert. He shared his views with the participants about the existing cases and the content of the statutory requirements.

Watch a recording of the webinar

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