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Publications / 29.3.2019

May lost: Mikhail Abyzov has remained under arrest for two months / Izvestia

Despite the appeals of his senior colleagues and friends, the ex-minister of Open Government was remanded to a detention centre.

The 24-hour period from 26 until 27 March has ended for Mikhail Abyzov, the ex-minister of Open Government, with the pre-trial measure of two months’ arrest. This short period, albeit a very long one for Mr Abyzov, bookends the lives of a former senior public official and a detainee of a Moscow detention centre. Given the gravity of the charges, it was practically impossible for Mr Abyzov to remain under house arrest during the investigation.

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner at Borenius Russia, has shared his views with the editorial office of newspaper Izvestia as to how the case against Mr Abyzov may unfold and whether matters may take a turn for the worse.

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