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Publications / 25.4.2019

Shipbuilders row back from royalties. Admiralty Shipyards wish to avoid the recovery of $43 million in licence payments / Delovoy Peterburg

Admiralty Shipyards are asking the commercial court to deny the recovery of $43 million in license payments.

In its claim, FGBU Federal Agency for the Legal Protection of the Results of Intellectual Activity of Military, Special and Dual Designation (abbreviated in Russian as FAPRID) is demanding that the shipbuilders pay $9.8 million under a license agreement together with a penalty of $33.5 million. In the Moscow Commercial Court, the defendant claimed that the statute of limitations had expired, but the court did not issue any order on this motion. It follows from the commercial case files that the recovery is based on licence agreement No. 1–01–12–00832, which was concluded in 2012.

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of the Intellectual Property and TMT Practice, shared his views with the editorial office of Delovoy Peterburg on how the dispute may evolve.

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