Publications / 8.04.2019

The losses are no joke. How much is the wave of evacuations costing St Petersburg? / Delovoy Peterburg

St Petersburg is undergoing a new wave of evacuations owing to fake bomb threats. Dozens of reports, almost all of which come from abroad, are received every day. Brokers estimate that traffic in shopping malls may fall by 20% on the days of such a bomb threat. As reported earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has assessed the damage from such actions at RUB 0.5 billion per month. Delovoy Peterburg has figured out who loses from hoax callers and by how much.

As Daria Lebedeva, the head of the United Press Service of the St Petersburg Courts told Delovoy Peterburg, in 2018 courts considered 32 criminal cases initiated under article 207 of the Criminal Code (making a statement that is known to be false about an act of terrorism). Legal entities fell victims only in 15 cases, among them the 76th Police Department, Pulkovo Airport, Zodiak Club, the ‘June’ Shopping Mall, Pyaterochka retail chain and the St Petersburg Metro. A civil law suit was brought in only one case, which concerned the metro station Nevsky Prospekt -1, by State Unitary Enterprise St Petersburg Metro. A loss of RUB 29,520 was caused to the enterprise. The claims were sustained in full, advised Daria Lebedeva.

Alexey Nikitin, Partner and Head of our Transactions & Corporate Law Practice, shared his views with Delovoy Peterburg’s editorial office on what the options are to compensate losses for owners, tenants and landlords of facilities where an evacuation has taken place.

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