Events, News / 24.06.2019

‘Information security 2019’ / The annual Kommersant conference

The Kommersant publishing house in St Petersburg has held a conference to discuss topical issues of information security and building a safe information space in conditions where the focus is on the digital economy. The conference was aimed at making society and business more conscious of the issue of protection against information leaks. Taking part in the event were CEOs, heads of information security, heads of large industrial companies’ information services, representatives of the retail sector, and market experts.

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of the Intellectual Property and Information Technologies Practice at Borenius Russia, and Valentina Chemodanova of Xsolla told the event’s attendees about the protection of personal data, presenting an overview of the first cases concerning breaches of the GDPR. Valentina then shared her experience of implementing GDPR compliance in her company and spoke about the main issues that arose as she moved forward down this path.

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