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The course for the export of IT products. What do you need to know about the legal regulation of international transactions? / RUSSOFT

According to data from RUSSOFT, in 2017, the total volume of foreign sales of software and software development services by Russian companies reached USD 8.8 billion. At the same time, the volume of sales from the positions of their Russian offices came to USD 5.5 billion. This amount includes sales of software and software development services, the implementation of software as part of hardware and software systems, and other sales. Most foreign sales are in the USA and Canada, Germany and other Western European countries, as well as South and East Asia.

When they export software abroad, Russian companies enter into contracts with foreign partners (for software development, licensing, the disposal of exclusive rights, distribution and other matters). In connection with the conclusion of such contracts, companies come face to face with a range of issues that involve correctly documenting a contractual relationship, properly performing contractual obligations, breach of contract disputes, complying with the requirements of currency legislation and personal data legislation, intellectual property protection, and other legal issues.

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of our Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice, has prepared an overview of the export of IT products, answering the main questions faced by Russian software exporters.

Read the review here (in Russian)

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