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Publications / 24.7.2019

Iran is being spun on turbines / Kommersant

Mapna may supply equipment for Technopromexport.

According to the newspaper Kommersant, the Iranian company Mapna is the most likely supplier of high-capacity turbines for the Udarnaya heat and power plant in Taman, which is being built under sanctions against Technopromexport (TPE). Kommersant’s sources assert that, under conditions where there is a direct ban on the purchase of used turbines and where the owners of secondary equipment have no wish to sell to TPE owing to their fear of sanctions, Iranian machinery remains Technopromexport’s only option. Lawyers note that the transaction carries risks for Mapna, which is not yet under sanctions from the USA.

Artem Zhavorokov, Partner at law firm Borenius, offered his comments to Kommersant on the sanctions risks that may occur as a result of this transaction being carried out.

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