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A global report on the e-commerce market in Russia / East-West Digital News

E-commerce in Russia has been booming over recent years; however, information about the market is virtually inaccessible for a global audience. The topic seldom captures the headlines or finds itself highlighted in sector-based reports, while the facts and data are often erroneous or distorted.

East-West Digital News has released in-depth research into Russian e-commerce based on the records and files of key market players and the leading experts in the industry. These include Data Insight, a leading Russian provider of data in the field, the Russian Association of Electronic Commerce, the E-Commerce Foundation, the International Expert Centre which is based in the Netherlands, e-commerce associations from several countries and such industry resources as (Digitial360) and ThePaypers. Such market leaders as Yandex, Ozon, Lamoda, Mail.Ru Group, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, as well as PickPoint, Shiptor, Yandex and many more also participate in the initiative.

The research consists of two sections. The first section provides a description of market parameters, trend analysis, key market players and their business models, and the strategies of investors. The second covers operational aspects: from settlements to logistics and supplies, sales channels and marketing, legislation and taxes.

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of our Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice, and Artyom Berlin, an Associate in our Transactions & Corporate Law Practice, have drawn up the section of the report which addresses statutory regulation of the e-commerce market in Russia. They have provided hands-on recommendations on the most important regulatory issues: taxation, personal data protection, product certification and compliance with the law on advertising.

East-West Digital News is an international news agency that covers technological innovations in Russia, specifically in such spheres as information technologies and e-commerce, as well as related investment, legal and other issues. The agency was created in Russia in 2011 with the involvement of the Higher School of Economics and support from RBC.

For a copy of the report in English, please click here

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