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Publications / 2.9.2019

The prohibition on making amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities should not go beyond claims in litigation / Advokatskaya Gazeta

The Supreme Court has ruled that such a provisional remedy is also unacceptable in cases when in fact it comes down to interference in a legal entity’s business activity. Expert opinions on this issue are divided. One of Advokatskaya Gazeta’s experts noted that there is no uniform case law with respect to the consideration of petitions for applying provisional remedies in corporate disputes. Two other experts advised that currently state commercial courts are extremely careful in applying any provisional remedies.

Igor Matveyev, an Associate in the Dispute Resolution Practice at Borenius Russia, shared his opinion with Advokatskaya Gazeta that courts are currently very careful when applying provisional remedies and, as a rule, they have high requirements for proving that such remedies are justified.

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