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Gastronomic trends of St. Petersburg and Moscow / Public Talk / MarketMedia

More than a hundred participants: restaurateurs, managers, chefs and experts from Moscow and St. Petersburg discussed the prospects of the most fashionable catering format – food halls and food courts – during the “Gastronomic Trends of Moscow and St. Petersburg” teleconference, organized by MarketMedia on 29 August 2019.

The restaurant market of the two cities is changing rapidly. Over literally the last year or two, one of the most noticeable players in the Moscow market has become a new type of gastronomic space, which does not even have a single name yet. Food halls and food courts open up in renovated markets, in shopping centres and in former factory buildings. Dozens of catering operators work at each of them. Rapid growth poses many challenges and questions for market participants. Is there a niche in St. Petersburg for such spaces? Is it possible to open a corner in a food hall for those who are called gastro-enthusiasts or will this become a new area of activity for large restaurant companies? Where can one do business more profitably – in a restaurant or grocery market? Does musical design influence profitability and how can it be used legitimately? Participants in the teleconference from Moscow and St. Petersburg answered these questions.

Kristina Evsina, an Associate in our Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice, took part in the public talk entitled ‘Musical Design in the Restaurant Business’. She shared with the guests practical tips on the legitimate use of music, as well as ways to minimize risks and to respect copyright for musical works.

Read more about the event (in Russian)

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