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Publications / 10.10.2019

A personal trap for business / Interview / Marketmedia

The topic of personal data has been widely covered in articles and various materials. Relevant conferences, forums and seminars on the issue are continually held. The topicality of the subject is maintained by the ambiguous interpretation of legislation and a general misunderstanding of what personal data means. Many retailers and management companies at shopping centres believe that personal data means when one has a person’s image and his/her full name. Meanwhile, they do not treat as personal data when companies obtain the MAC-address of your phone using cutting-edge technologies.

In an interview given to Marketmedia, Aleksei Gribanov, Head of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Borenius Russia, explained how the term ‘personal data’ should be understood. He discussed how retailers and developers breach the personal data law and what consequences this may have.

Read the interview (in Russian)

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