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Publications / 10.10.2019

Collecting data leaks: banks have accused the source of news about data leaks of bias / Izvestia

In 2019, the mass media reported offers for the sale on the DarkNet of 60,000,000 entries from Sberbank’s client database, 800,000 entries of OTP-bank’s clientele, 70,000 entries of Binbank (which is undergoing financial recovery conducted by Otkritie Bank), 55,000 entries of Alfa-bank, 24,500 entries of Home Credit bank, 16,500 entries of Tinkoffbank and 3,000 entries of Raiffeisenbank.

In the material that was published, the media cited the company DeviceLock, a cybersecurity provider, which had found announcements to that effect from anonymous sellers on the Internet. Izvestia asked for comment both from those involved in the stories about the leaks and from industry experts.

Aleksei Gribanov, Head of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Borenius Russia, commented on the situation when information that is known to be false regarding data leaks is disseminated. He outlined the claims the companies in question may be facing.

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