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Publications / 11.10.2019

The bear of discord. Recovery of 1.7 million rubles is sought from the O’Key supermarket chain for Tatty Teddy from O’Key / Delovoy Peterburg newspaper

In Russia, the fame of the patched-up grey teddy bear Tatty Teddy has given rise to a counterfeit, which has left the right holder, the British company Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, rather dissatisfied. Judicial practice has shown that the funny little animal is represented here quite widely: from the toy itself to confectionery. This has encouraged the right holder to act vigorously to protect its intellectual property.

Vera Zotova, an Associate in our Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice, offered her comments to Delovoy Peterburg on the dispute between Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd and the O’Key chain.

Read the full article (in Russian)

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