Publications / 30.04.2020

Abuse vs law: how to prove that you have suffered from the coronavirus / RBC News Agency

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the self-isolation regime that have hit the economy, the risk of debt default is increasing in relationships between creditors and borrowers.

The pandemic and government measures to control it have resulted in a ban on the activities of most organizations. The situation is particularly difficult for borrowers, who are asking themselves how to resolve disputes about debts, how to obtain mortgage and credit holidays, how to defend their interests in court and how not to go bankrupt. And all these issues are covered in the latest materials issued by the RBC news agency.

Arina Dovzhenko and Anna Zabrotskaya, Partners at Borenius Russia, have offered their comments to RBC on what can be classed as a force majeure, court practice in this regard and other issues that may arise in relationships between borrowers and creditors during the pandemic.

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