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Only a few can develop during a crisis, but many should prepare their development programmes / Winner Club

The argument that “a crisis is a time of opportunities” is hard to swallow in 2020: the blow to business has been too severe and the uncertainty is still great in terms of how long the forthcoming challenges will last. There is all the more value in the thoughts of businessmen who have elected not to make cuts to their development programmes but who, for whatever reasons, remain willing to implement them.

During the discussion “A Time of Heroes”, RBC Peterburg asked entrepreneurs who are set on continuing to expand their geographical footprint and product line why they need to grow their businesses in Russia during the pandemic and against the backdrop of the rouble’s fall in value.

The participants in the discussion comprised companies from various economic sectors who announced their development projects in late 2019 or early 2020. There appear to be several reasons to continue with such plans in the dramatically changed environment. The first is that the projects have set a trend and meet current consumers’ requirements during the epidemic; the second is that the resources required for expansion are becoming cheaper during the crisis. And lastly, the third reason is that recovery will follow the crisis and, on the wave of this, businessmen who have prepared themselves in advance will secure rapid growth and leadership on the market.

Andrey Gusev, the Managing Partner of Borenius Russia, speaks about the risks associated with economic activity during the crisis in the follow-up report of the meeting at the Winner Club.

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