Publications / 9.07.2020

According to restaurateurs, St Petersburg in two years will be left with army canteens / RBC

The St Petersburg Legislative Assembly has adopted a law “On the circulation of alcohol and products containing alcohol”. By the majority of votes, deputies have tightened the existing federal law, having increased from 20 sq. m. to 50 sq. m. the minimum customer area where eating establishments can sell alcohol. In essence, this means that smaller bars will not be able to include alcohol in their menus.

RBC interviewed restaurateurs and sociologists in St Petersburg, and they could not come up with arguments supporting the decision of the authorities. They explained the function of small bars in society and where their closure will lead. Lawyers, in turn, note that business can circumvent the restrictions by acquiring rights to bigger premises and by subsequently subletting them.

Arina Dovzhenko, Specialist Partner and Head of the Real Estate and Construction Practice at Borenius, shared her views with RBC on the amendments made to the law “On the circulation of alcohol and products containing alcohol”.

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