News / 16.09.2020

Interactive sanctions map

Sanctions programs have been an important part of political and economic life for many years. They serve to censure a country or group of countries that “behave badly”. Recently we have seen a colossal growth in the use of sanctions. They are becoming stricter and punitive and their geographic range has expanded markedly. It is quite difficult and time consuming to keep track of which countries have already imposed sanctions on Russia or on which countries Russia itself has imposed sanctions.

Borenius has systematized the information about sanctions on Russia and Russian sanctions on countries around the world and presented this information on an interactive map. The map was created as an initial introduction to sanctions regulation and the geographic location of the relevant countries. Now with just two clicks you can get a general idea of whether or not restrictions have been imposed.

The sanctions map provides a general understanding of sanctions-related principles. The map is not intended to consider all of the nuances of sanctions regulation of each of the countries presented.

The Sanctions Map is presented in two categories to simplify searching:
• Sanctions on Russia, i.e., sanctions of countries that have imposed and approved sanctions against Russia
• Russian sanctions, i.e., the countries on which Russia has imposed and approved sanctions

See Sanctions map

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