Publications / 8.09.2020

Listed assets: court dismisses case against Lenta in dispute with Arkhangelsk / Delovoy Peterburg

St. Petersburg retailer Lenta, having started a dispute with the Arkhangelsk region authorities over a tax rate, breaks court practice and creates a precedent.

The company owns a shopping centre in Arkhangelsk (about 10,000 m2) with associated engineering infrastructure (on-site utilities of storm water sewers, groundwater drainage, water pipes and heating systems). According to the law, the local administration annually makes a list of real estate objects for which the cadastral value is the tax rate. In particular, as follows from the Tax Code, this list includes administrative and business centres, shopping centres and premises inside them.

However, according to Lenta, the regional administration unlawfully refused to include engineering infrastructure in this list. The St. Petersburg company appealed this part of the Arkhangelsk region government’s decision.

Artyom Berlin, a Senior Associate of the Transactions & Corporate Law practice and Dispute Resolution practice at Borenius Russia, shared his point of view with Delovoy Peterburg newspaper on what could be the aim of this dispute.

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