Publications / 3.11.2020

Double trademark and a judge with a package of cash: interesting cases of the Supreme Court /

 A new week brings new cases in the Supreme Court. This time there are only 31 cases, but many of them hold considerable interest. The Economic Panel will deal with an important dispute about the “double” registration of trademarks: the second designation that an entrepreneur registered was only slightly different from the first one. In addition, judges will decide whether a participant in the process can “stake out” the right to participate in all sessions via video conference. A disciplinary panel will assess a former lawyer and judge’s attempt to regain her long robe six years after she lost it for red-tapery.

Vera Zotova, an Associate in the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Borenius Russia, commented to the news portal on what approach the Intellectual Property Rights Court takes to dual trademarks.

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