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Unknown metro and popular noodles: the main things in intellectual law practice / Comment /

The dedicated online law portal has published its review of 2020 together with a number of interesting court decisions on intellectual property rights. Among the published cases, the following ones can be distinguished: a ban on patenting the registration of a method of altering the genome of an embryo in order to make it resistant to HIV; denial of legal protection of a part of a new label to the “Karat” Moscow cheese factory, which was undertaking a rebranding exercise and wanted to register a designation that was a wooden spoon with cottage cheese; and the registration as well-known of the “Doshirak” and “Rollton” trademarks for instant noodles,.

Vera Zotova, an Associate in the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Borenius Russia, commented to about the case of the St. Petersburg metro logo, which the metro was not successful in proving to be well-known.

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