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Online conference “Legal Results of 2020” / SPIBA

 On 2 February 2021, the Legal Committee of SPIBA held an online conference “Legal Results of 2020”.

The participants of the conference summarized, in a single session, the outcomes in many areas. The guests and speakers discussed the trends and landmark cases in the field of bankruptcy, as well as the law on digital notaries and the prospects for performing notarial actions online, customs regulation issues, the most notable disputes in the field of intellectual property and their impact on the future in that industry, labor legislation issues (which have become such an important topic in 2020), and trends in criminal proceedings.

Artem Zhavoronkov, a Partner at Borenius Russia, discussed with the conference’s participants the latest news in the field of EU and US sanctions legislation, sanctions pressure on Russia, and counter-sanctions. The participants paid special attention to the potential prospects for developments in the field and the consequences of recent political events.

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