Events, News / 1.03.2021

“Criminal legal protection of business” – an online discussion hosted by “Fontanka”

 On 25 February 2021, Fontanka held an online discussion of “Criminal legal protection of business”. The discussion was devoted to the protection of business from criminal legal risks. The experts discussed the latest trends in the interaction of business with the authorities and security forces, the use of criminal case materials as evidence in arbitration disputes, trends in criminal proceedings in 2020-2021, corruption crimes in Russia (fraud and bribery) and the risks for international business, changes in the “entrepreneurial” articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in 2020, as well as issues entailed by deportation and extradition.

Andrey Gusev, the Managing Partner at Borenius Russia, discussed with the participants the nuances of deporting a suspected person from the country and his stay as a substitute for extradition.

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