Publications / 2.03.2021

Making a grounded decision outside the limitation period for a case does not lead to its dismissal / Comment / The “Lawyers’ Gazette” newspaper for the legal profession

The Supreme Court has issued a reminder that the date of making a grounded decision on a case considered under simplified procedure does not affect the limitation period for the imposition of administrative liability.

According to one of the experts of the newspaper “Lawyers’ Gazette”, the explanations of the Supreme Court are not new but are extremely important, since in practice the expiry of the period for imposing administrative liability is the most common reason for proceedings in a case to be terminated. Another expert called this case a rare example of the consideration of a simplified procedure by the Supreme Court.

Artyom Berlin, a Senior Associate at Borenius Russia, commented for the legal newspaper “Lawyers’ Gazette” on what date is the real date of the decision under the simplified procedure.

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