Publications / 6.04.2021

Authorities decide to save Lenfilm by returning the rights to Soviet classics / Comment / Delovoy Peterburg

The authorities want to save Lenfilm (Leningrad film studio) by recovering the rights to its Soviet classics from a private company. Negotiations are underway, backed up by a court and a criminal case.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Moscow Region and the Ministry of Culture have filed with an arbitration court to challenge the license agreement under which Gosfilmofond of Russia transferred the rights to Lenfilm’s “golden collection” of films to the St. Petersburg LLC “Twin SP”. The applicants are asking to reverse the transaction, in other words, to terminate Twin SP’s exclusive licence to the works. Twin SP and Gosfilmofond of Russia are the defendants in the authorities’ claims.

Vera Zotova, an Associate in the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Borenius Russia, commented to Delovoy Peterburg newspaper on what will happen if the license agreement is invalidated.

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