Publications / 13.05.2021

How much does environmental damage cost? Five court cases / Comment / RBC Pro

Experts note that the average amount recovered for damage to the environment from a “simple” business is growing. Since the beginning of 2021, “environmental” state authorities have filed claims against companies for environmental damage totaling 1.7 billion rubles. RBC Pro has found out how to calculate such damage.

Of course, 1.7 billion rubles pales into insignificance compared with the 147 billion rubles recovered from “Nornikel” alone in 2020 due to the spill of about 20,000 tons of diesel fuel. Nevertheless, the trend towards increasing fines for environmental violations is gaining momentum.

Arina Dovzhenko, a Partner and Head of the Real Estate & Construction Practice at Borenius Russia, commented to the RBC Pro News Agency on how damage caused to the environment is compensated, and what exactly is evaluated to make a decision on whether compensation for damage should be recovered.

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