Publications, Sanctions updates / 6.05.2021

OK, Google: how the company ended up embroiled in sanctions and fines. A review / Comment / Interfax International Information Group

American tech giant Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is facing a significant risk in Russia after a Moscow court decided to impose a progressive legal penalty on its structures. The amount of the penalty could very quickly come to exceed the total revenue of the Russian company Google LLC. It will start to be charged if a court decision comes into force that the account of the TV channel “Tsargrad TV” on the Youtube video service should be restored and unblocked, and if Google does not comply with that decision. The situation of the American company is aggravated by the fact that Tsargrad TV is subject to US sanctions, and unblocking the channel’s account threatens Google with punishment in its own jurisdiction.

Artem Zhavoronkov, a Partner at Borenius Russia, commented to Interfax International Information Group on what punishment Google may face in its own jurisdiction and what options are currently available for resolving this dispute.

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