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English Teacher – what is the danger of love for English law? / Izvestia.Ru 

Amendments to the Constitution, which in certain situations provide for it to take priority over the decisions of supranational international structures, strengthening de-offshorisation measures, and tightening the policy towards capital withdrawal – all these trends generally contribute to strengthening Russia’s fiscal and legal sovereignty. The next logical step should have been to introduce mandatory rules for the resolution of internal corporate conflicts between Russian individuals in relation to Russian assets.

Russia is currently in many ways a kind of legal colony of the United Kingdom. In 1991, Russia moved from a planned economy to a market economy, which required a complete restructuring of the legal base and the judicial system. Such changes cannot be carried out quickly and efficiently, so those involved in the flow of commerce turned to English law and proceedings, which have been functioning steadily for hundreds of years.

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner at Borenius Russia, wrote an article for Izvestia newspaper on the dependence of Russian business on English law.

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