Publications / 14.06.2021

Legal neo-colonialism and sovereign aspects of national law / Expert Union magazine

At the turn of the millennium, social relations began to change radically. In the recent past, the great powers fought open direct wars among themselves. In the modern world, these have been replaced by proxy conflicts and the use of all kinds of soft power. For example, at the moment we are observing how the global confrontation with the use of vaccines against COVID-19 is developing … One of the state or public institutions that formally ceased to exist in the 20th century are the classic metropolises and colonies. However, they probably have not gone away completely, but rather have been replaced by something else.

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner at Borenius Russia and Anton Borisyuk, an Associate with the firm, in their article analyze new instruments whereby some states exercise influence on others: US and EU sanctions as an economic measure of influence on other countries, and the penetration of English law into many countries of the world as a universal and unifying enforcement mechanism in various jurisdictions.

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