Events, News / 10.06.2021

Workshop “Protection of intellectual property: the world of fashion and luxury goods” / Educational project IP IT Box

Specialist Partner Anna Zabrotskaya recently spoke at an IP and fashion workshop. Held on June 8, the workshop was organised by the IP IT Box educational project. Anna is Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice and Head of the Fashion & Lux Practice at Borenius Russia, and was the event’s main speaker.

During the workshop Anna told the audience about differences in regulatory approaches to intellectual property protection in different countries and ways of combatting counterfeit goods. She also gave compelling fashion-related examples in the field of copyright, patenting and trademarks. Then she compared the most effective ways of protecting intellectual property using Italy and Russia as examples. The audience was very interested in the topic and Anna answered a number of questions after her speech.

Watch the workshop (in Russian):

YouTube video
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