Publications / 20.07.2021

The “London List” is back, but entrepreneurs seem willing for now to remain listed / Comment / Business FM St. Petersburg

In 2018, business ombudsman Boris Titov created his so-called “London List”, naming entrepreneurs who had avoided criminal charges by moving abroad, but who could remove themselves from the list by returning to Russia. However, lawyers see no prospects in this mechanism of Mr. Titov’s, at least in its current form. The business ombudsman has brought no clarity to the situation by his recent demarche, of a type, which saw him abandon the programme, and then suddenly change his mind. The approach to the return of entrepreneurs from abroad needs to be radically changed, experts say.

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner of Borenius Russia, expressed his doubts about whether this programme is likely to succeed from a factual and legal point of view to radio station Business FM St. Petersburg.

Read the article and listen to the podcast (in Russian) here

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