Publications / 10.08.2021

Positive Technologies has not noticed the sanctions / Comment / Kommersant

Positive Technologies, the manufacturer of solutions in the field of cybersecurity, is changing its management: the company’s founder, Yuri Maksimov is leaving the position of CEO, and one of the minority shareholders, Denis Baranov, has been appointed in his place. Mr. Baranov will prepare the company for an IPO on the Moscow Stock Exchange, which is planned despite US sanctions. Experts are sceptical about the success of this idea: even if the placement takes place among local investors, the discount will be serious, because only others featuring in the sanctions list will experience no fear from prospective involvement with such a company.

Artem Zhavoronkov, a Specialist Partner at Borenius Russia, commented for Kommersant newspaper on whether the inclusion of the company in the sanctions list affects a placement on the stock exchange in rubles.

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