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Legal alerts

Russian courts have deemed the ICC Model Arbitration Clause unenforceable

The Moscow Commercial Court issued a high-profile ruling in which it declined to enforce a decision of the ICC International Court of Arbitration on grounds not previously encountered in practice. History of the dispute The ICC decision was made in… Read more

Legal alerts / 28.11.2018

On hereditary funds

Legal alerts / 10.9.2018

Amendments to the Russian Сivil Сode with regard to unauthorised constructions

Legal alerts / 16.8.2018

Russia is ready for Automatic Exchange of financial account Information in tax matters

Legal alerts / 20.7.2018

A new procedure has come into force for specific types of legal entities to carry out procurement, as well as for state and municipal procurement

Legal alerts / 2.7.2018

The law on countersanctions has entered into force with respect to unfriendly states

Legal alerts / 5.6.2018

Currency regulation: new rules of the game for Russian nationals

Legal alerts / 8.2.2018

Ministry of Labour gives its opinion on ‘non-compete’ clauses

Legal alerts / 2.11.2017

New increase of the minimum wage in St. Petersburg

Legal alerts / 26.9.2017

Forum clause as an impairment of an employee’s rights

Legal alerts / 18.9.2017