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St. Petersburg International Housing Congress

The largest business event in real estate in a B2B format took place in Saint Petersburg from 8 until 12 October. According to tradition, the political and business elite of the majority of Russia’s regions took part in the event,… Read more

Events, News / 16.10.2018

Foreign is not always best. This is the main message of the legal community in the area of the criminal defence of business / Conference / Delovoy Peterburg

Events, News / 16.10.2018

Winner Club: the forester and the ants, or how business takes over risks from the state

Events, News / 9.10.2018

Andrei Gusev has been accredited as a mediator in Russia

Andrei Gusev, Managing Partner of Borenius Russia, has been accredited as a mediator by the Institute for the Development of Continuing Professional Education (abbreviated in Russian as ‘IRDPO’). IRDPO was established in 1994 to develop the institution of continuing professional… Read more

News / 3.10.2018

Sanctions: an overview, the risks and issues European companies are facing / AEB

Events, News / 19.7.2018

Borenius Russia will be the legal partner of the Golden Trezzini Awards

Events, News / 3.7.2018

Seven members of the Borenius Russia team have been named among the most highly rated lawyers according to The Best Lawyers 2019 rankings

News / 27.6.2018

The best Russian legal departments for 2018 / Legal Insight

Events, News / 1.6.2018

Fashion Law: Legal Aspects of the Fashion Industry

Events, News / 29.5.2018

Annual investment forum of Finnish companies

Events, News / 28.5.2018