Force majeure as a pretext (as a reason) / 

Publications / 3.04.2020

Many constructors are continuing to work during the “long weekend” / ASN-info

Publications / 3.04.2020

In favor of the poor: why Russia needs a tax on income from large bank deposits /

Publications / 26.03.2020

Stop theatre. The court has prohibited the construction of the new arena of the Maly Dramatic Theatre on Zvenigorodskaya Street / Delovoy Peterburg

Publications / 20.03.2020

“Hunt” in court: the Judicial Panel for Economic Disputes has ruled on the similarity of trademarks /

Publications / 13.03.2020

US and EU sanctions against Russia: attempt to apply them in Russia / Legal Insight

Insights, Publications / 6.03.2020

Siemens has received a notification from Power Machines about its intention to leave a joint venture in Russia / REUTERS News Agency

Publications / 3.03.2020

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is demanding the extradition of Oleg Tinkov / Kommersant

Publications / 3.03.2020

Not well-known. The supermarket chain Okey has lost to Rospatent in a dispute where Avito won / Delovoy Peterburg

Publications / 20.02.2020

The debts of the fathers. Secondary liability attaches to the heirs of businessmen debtors / Delovoy Peterburg

Publications / 20.02.2020