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Shipbuilders row back from royalties. Admiralty Shipyards wish to avoid the recovery of $43 million in licence payments / Delovoy Peterburg

Admiralty Shipyards are asking the commercial court to deny the recovery of $43 million in license payments. In its claim, FGBU Federal Agency for the Legal Protection of the Results of Intellectual Activity of Military, Special and Dual Designation (abbreviated… Read more

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10 main rules from the Plenum of the Supreme Court concerning IP / Pravo.ru

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Data Protection & Cyber Security 2019 / Chambers Global Practice Guides

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The losses are no joke. How much is the wave of evacuations costing St Petersburg? / Delovoy Peterburg

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Fighting against bad-faith distributors / Article / Legal Insight

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May lost: Mikhail Abyzov has remained under arrest for two months / Izvestia

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The criteria have been stated, but questions remain. Developers discuss the conditions of further construction under former rules / ASN-Info

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Pros and cons: the Ministry of Construction’s criteria for further construction under a shared-equity construction scheme / ASN-Info

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At the stage of fermentation: election results can change Moldova / Izvestia

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Better than nothing. Experts have commented on the Russian President’s Address / ASN-Info

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