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All coming out in the wash: entrepreneurs are more often facing charges of money laundering / Izvestia

The government advocates loyalty to entrepreneurs, but this, as yet, has had no positive impact on the statistics of law enforcement bodies and courts. According to the information that the Ministry of Internal Affairs provided to Izvestia, the number of… Read more

Publications / 12.12.2018

The dialectic format / Stroitelny Ezhenedelnik

Publications / 12.12.2018

Shared construction from the beginning until the present. How rules for protecting the rights of participants in shared construction have changed / Stroitelny Ezhenedelnik

Publications / 12.12.2018

Taxes, permanent residence and toxic assets: what are the risks Russians face should they partially emigrate to Europe / Delovoy Peterburg

Publications / 23.11.2018

To seduce at any cost: additional concessions are introduced for Russian offshore zones / Izvestia

Publications / 12.11.2018

Equal housing: the Russian Supreme Court has explained the rules for replacing unfit buildings / Pravo.ru

Publications / 6.11.2018

Sberbank is blocking the bets / Kommersant

Publications / 29.10.2018

The all-seeing eye. The video surveillance market is growing by 20% a year / Delovoy Peterburg

Publications / 23.10.2018

Sanction risks have disappeared from the stock exchange / Kommersant

Publications / 23.10.2018

Russian business has sidestepped the EU data protection requirements / Kommersant

Publications / 20.9.2018