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General Terms and Conditions

  1. Borenius Attorneys Russia Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Borenius Attorneys Ltd operating in Russia through its branch in St. Petersburg.
  2. When handling an assignment we adhere to these general terms, which supersede any client’s general terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing with a client in a particular assignment.
  3. Every assignment is attended by a case responsible lawyer. The case responsible lawyer decides on the number of both internal and external staff and other resources needed. The use of external resources to support smooth and effective handling of the assignment is agreed with the client in writing.
  4. The content of our services is based on Russian law, unless otherwise agreed upon with the client in writing.
  5. We may agree with a client a fee estimate, a cap on fees or a fixed fee. The fee may be increased, if the assignment (i) is particularly urgent due to no fault of us or has to be taken care of outside standard office hours, or (ii) is exceptionally difficult or requires particular expertise, experience or skill. Fee estimates are indicative, unless otherwise agreed with the client in writing.
  6. Our fees are determined based on the agreement with the client and these General Terms and Conditions. The amount of our fees will be determined irrespective of whether such fees will be wholly or in part (or not at all) reimbursed pursuant to the client insurance (for legal expenses or otherwise). We will invoice our clients directly also in cases where legal expenses are covered by a third party.
  7. We invoice our clients on a monthly basis, unless otherwise agreed with the client in writing. The term of payment is ten (10) calendar days. The amount of invoice is increased by VAT, if applicable according to the prescribed tax base, as well as a general supplement of 4% covering general office costs related to the handling of the assignment. Direct external expenses relating to the assignment (notary fees, registration/state duties, business trips, translation costs, etc.) are charged separately.
  8. We use, together with Borenius Attorneys Ltd (Finland) and Borenius Attorneys LLP (New York), a common document management system, where the documents related to the assignment are stored.
  9. We store essential documents and information in every assignment according to applicable confidentiality rules. Upon completion of an assignment we return the original documents to the client.
  10. Borenius Attorneys Russia Ltd is, pursuant to applicable legislation governing prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, under an obligation to identify its clients as well as persons acting on the clients’ behalf and the beneficial owners. It is also our duty in certain situations to determine the origin of the client’s funds. Borenius Attorneys Russia Ltd may be under the obligation to decline or halt an assignment if the client does not provide the required information or if a transaction is suspicious or if funds are suspected of being used for terrorist financing.
  11. We process personal data in accordance with Finnish and Russian personal data legislation.
  12. The maximum liability of Borenius Attorneys Russia Ltd towards a client for the handling of any assignment is limited to the fee that has been paid for the assignment, but may not exceed real damage incurred by the client.
  13. With regards to assignments concerning publicly listed companies, we apply our firm’s internal regulation relating to insider information and maintain a register of insiders. The case responsible lawyer provides further information on the contents of our internal insider regulation.
  14. Russian law will be applicable to client relationships, unless otherwise agreed with the client in writing. All disputes shall be settled in the State Commercial (‘Arbitrazhny’) Court for St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast’, unless otherwise agreed with the client in writing.
  15. These General Terms and Conditions are valid from 22 April 2016.
  16. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all relations of the Parties to the extent that the Parties have not agreed upon otherwise in writing.